Made of 100% Polyester with shiny silver yarns
Pile Height: 40mm
Customisation available. Get a quote.
Our standard sizes: 300 x 200cm, 230 x 160cm, 200 x 140cm, 150 x 80cm (Email to for sizes and prices not listed here.)

Luxuriously soft on the hands with a "sateen" look and feel.
It has natural stain resistance qualities. It is easily cleaned and resistant to water-soluble stains.
It sheds moisture and resists moth and mildew.
They wear well owing to their excellent immunity against abrasion.
It is a good value for homes with a normal amount of traffic.
It offers excellent colour clarity and colour fade resistance.
It is non-allergenic, thus, it is good for allergy sufferers.

The shimmer from this attention grabbing piece catches light no matter where you stand. You'll find that giving the carpet a quick shake will change the way it catches the light, delivering plenty of fascination every day. Made of polyester satin ribbon that almost resembles spaghetti along with fine silky strands, it exhibits an absolute gorgeous sheen and is surprisingly soft and luxuriously thick. It also features silver yarns that will produce a beautiful shiny accent to highlight the soft textures. The interesting mixture of different yarn textures makes this piece unique and exceptionally textural. Bold and intensely colored, the alluring and gorgeous scarlet shag gives a sense of sophisticated warmth and adds a fashion-forward touch to your home. You'll love how it will work to complement existing red pieces in the room. Alternatively, you can use it to give an electrifying new look to a mostly neutral toned room. It will be a superb addition to your home.

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