Antiques Colonial and Art-Deco period dressing tables in Teak.

The attention to details in all these dressing tables are astounding.

The Colonial pieces feature original Belgian mirrors. One of the dressers has a ceramic tile on either side, a common decorative feature on such pieces. The same tile was usually used in the bathroom of the house.

The Art-Deco pieces reflect a more round and curved design relevant to the time. The detailing on these pieces is hand crafted and must have taken the craftsman hours to complete.

One of the art-deco dressers is actually designed for a small Burmese home. The piece is scaled down, except for the mirror, and the user sits on the floor. Likely a case of imitation is the best form of flattery.

All the staining on each dressing table brings out the beautiful grain of the aged Teak.

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