Here at Cromly, we believe that pictures convey ideas best. We’ve used your photo/s because of its/their storytelling potential and its/their commitment to wonder and aesthetics, which is what Cromly is all about. We’re not in any way claiming the photo/s is/are ours. We would be more than happy to oblige and credit your work properly, so message us at Tell us about yourself and your works. You may even sign up and upload as many photos as you want.

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URL of the page where the alleged photo appears


Details of the allegedly infringed material: name of the copyright owner or name of the person or company authorized to represent the copyright holder, and contact details


A statement that Cromly posted the photo without authorization from the copyright holder, its agent, or the law


A statement that the information given by the owner of the photo is accurate

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Having said that, don’t make false claims, please!